A curated collection of automotive artwork.

From rust buckets abandoned in barns, fields, junk yards and wrecking yards to fully restored one of kind vehicles in the showrooms of dealers and garages of collectors.

Automotive Photgraphy

Wayne Stadler

Wayne is a self proclaimed nomad who travels North America looking for... 


Amazing photography of fully restored or all original vehicles in the showrooms... 

  • Rust in Peace

    You see them during your daily commutes or weekend drives, these hidden (or not so hidden) gems have a haunting presence for automotive enthusiasts. The next time you see an automotive relic from the past stop and take it in, all the memories created in that vehicle, the history and the beauty of what was and what is. FindingOldCars.com gives you the chance to start a new chapter for neglected pieces of automotive history.

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  • Creepy Automotive Graveyard

    We've seen some pretty massive automotive collections over the years including abandoned fields, barns, and warehouses. With that comes insight into the vast plethora o f vehicles out there waiting to be rescued from the clutches of old age and rot. This is something very clearly displayed in one video on the internet which showcases a property that appears to have not been kept in shape for decades.

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  • Five Decades of Rotting

    When we meet the vehicle in question, it could be described as little more than a rusty old Chevy from a forgotten time in the automotive world. However, after further inspection, it's clear that the car has survived decently well despite its patina exterior appearance. In addition, the interior featured little to no rust, along with most of the major mechanical components, making it ideal for restoration.

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